My goal is to help you get the best out of your body. To support you to better movement, fitness and health no matter where you're at. We don't just treat injuries and pain. Everyone has the capacity to improve. I hope to help you discover this very soon.

Paul Mealling BSc(hons) MCSP

Physio, Biomechanics, Function and Performance

Paul is a physiotherapist who assesses and treats problems of movement, pain and function. He is also an athlete and coaches physical function and performance - from running to strength and flexibility.

Roz Holmes

Postural Alignment Therapy, Massage, Yoga

Roz specialises in movement and posture. She is a certified Egoscue practitioner. Roz helps people regain function through improving movement and postural balance. Roz is also available for massage treatments where she uses a variety of soft-tissue and bodywork techniques.

3 core areas for optimal health

Physical function

Your physical function is underpinned by your posture, muscle balance and biomechanics. Addressing these with us will allow you to build to your full potential and avoid many problems associated with aging. Your long term physical function is also impacted by how well you rehab from injuries. I encourage where to possible to aim for better function following an injury than you had before it. Lastly, exercise and training need to be carefully performed and structured so that you do long-term good, not harm, by doing them.

Diet and nutrition

Your body is made of what you eat, and what you eat has a profound influence on the chemical processes happening in the body. Your diet and nutrition can affect aging, emotions, recovery, psychology and performance. Alongside a healthy and balanced diet I use supplements from Xtend-Life. They are a New Zealand company who manufacture some of the finest supplements on the planet. You can read which supplements of theirs I use here.

Psychology and emotional wellbeing

The body requires a healthy mind to help keep it healthy and put it to good use. As a result you can't separate mental health entirely from physical health as they both impact each other. Making sure that this is accounted for in your recovery, wellness and fitness is therefore essential. We are very interested in this apsect and how it supports your physical wellness and fitness.