Our goal is to help you get the best out of your body. We support you to better function no matter where you're at. This is why I call it a 'physiotherapy and sports clinic' and not a sports injury clinic. We don't just treat injuries and pain. Everyone has the capacity to improve their movement, fitness and health. We hope to help you discover this very soon.

Paul Mealling

Physio, Biomechanics, Function and Performance

Paul is a physiotherapist who assesses and treats problems of movement, pain and function. He is also an athlete and coaches physical function and performance - from running to strength and flexibility.

Roz Holmes

Postural Alignment Therapy, Massage, Yoga

Roz specialises in movement and posture. She is a certified Egoscue practitioner. Roz helps people regain function through improving movement and postural balance. Roz is also available for massage treatments where she uses a variety of soft-tissue and bodywork techniques.