Biomechanics assessments with Paul go to the root of your structure, function and compensations. We use technology such as pressure plates, digital pelvic inclinometry and video analysis to uncover things you cannot simply see. Read more.


Physio with Paul gives full assessment, guidance and treatment for movement and function, injuries and many types of symptoms. Read more.

Postural Alignment Therapy

Roz is a certified Egoscue therapist and assesses and treats postural problems through programs of specific and progressive rebalancing exercises.Read more.


Therapeutic massage with Roz can help support your progress in posture and rehab, and also help release build-up of tension in the mind and body. Read more.

Fitness and Performance

Paul can guide you in all areas of fitness, using the best principles of athletic training combined with a deep understanding of the body and psychology. You might want to improve the splits or race your fastest 10k. Read more.


Physiotherapy Biomechanics Fitness & Sports Performance


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