Postural Alignment Therapy

with Roz Holmes, Certified Egoscue Practioner

What Is Postural Alignment Therapy?

Postural Alignment Therapy is a bespoke and progressive program of gentle exercises to bring your body back to its natural function and alignment.

This can free you from pain caused by musculoskeletal imbalance and improve your general movement, balance, flexibility and fitness performance.

What does Postural Alignment Therapy consist of?

What to expect

On your first session we start with a static postural assessment and simple functional movement tests to ascertain where your main imbalances are and which areas we need to stretch, strengthen and stabilise to start your postural alignment process.

Based on this I then design a daily program for you which we progress over time according to your body’s needs and your lifestyle.

What not to expect!

Specific diagnosis or treatment of symptoms or injuries. I work alongside a brilliant physio who can do this for you should you need it.

Benefits of Postural Alignment Therapy

Who is Postural Alignment Therapy For?

Anyone and everyone who is committed to improving their health and physical function.

Most people come to me because they are experiencing pain of some description and can’t seem to find a long term solution. The pain or discomfort could be a chronic ache or niggle or in a lot of cases knee, back or neck pain after an exercise class, a run or maybe just walking around town.

In all cases we look at the posture and the dysfunctions rather than focussing on the symptoms.

Some choose postural alignment because they can see that their posture is looking imbalanced and don’t want it to get any worse for health and/or aesthetic reasons.


£75 initial session 90mins
£60 follow-up 60mins
£300 6 hour course

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