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Physiotherapy for pain, movement and function

Physio sessions at the clinic are not only suitable for treating pain and injuries but are also ideal for where you wish to improve a physical limitation or improve your current state of function or fitness - even if there appears to be no current problem.

Paul assesses full body function, posture and movement and can treat and guide you no matter what your level of fitness. He also assesses and treats for specific problems to do with joints, muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves and connective tissue.

You can book a session either with the intention of pursuing treatment or simply for assessment, advice and guidance on what best to do.

Being an athlete, Paul is aware of the need for full body function and applies the principles of athletic development in his practice - the basic idea being that the goal is continually the next step of improvement. In this way, there is no distinction between surgical rehab and elite sports training: we are assessing, or re-assessing, where you are at and determining what is the safest and most effective way to get you to a slightly better level.

In sessions with Paul you will also get advice on what you can do to help yourself from exercises and self treatment to nutrition and training advice, and you can discuss general health and lifestyle factors which may be related.

The physio treatment room.

Physio appointment information

Fees are £40 for initial sessions and 1/2hr follow-ups. Short follow-ups are £20.

Short follow-ups will be suggested where frequency of treatment is more beneficial than a less regular full-duration treatment.

Please consider clothing that you will be comfortable in and which allows you to be properly assessed. For example, shorts may be helpful when assessing a knee problem or full-body movement patterns.

For appointments please call 01323 439738

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