The idea of this section is to help support the foundation of good rehab, health and fitness. There are ideas which I often come back to in the clinic and find myself explaining frequently to people. That's what this section is about. Far more could go in this section than I could ever hope to write, but I've made a start! To me, these really are important ideas. I hope you will be able to put some of them to good use in supporting your rehab, fitness and performance.

Which nutritional supplements do I use? Paul on 25 July People often ask me about which supplements I use to support my health and athletic training. For a number of years now I only use supplements from Xtend-Life because of their purity, quality and ingredient choices. These are the ones I regularly … Recognising progress Paul on 25 July Being able to recognise progress will help support your improvement in any area of development. In most cases a goal for rehab or sports performance may require a big change from where you are to where you want to be. This implies that you will not … Paul's 15 minute walk progressions Paul on 05 January What you’re about to discover here is really great when you need to build strength endurance in your hips, legs and feet. You might be getting back on your feet after injury, or maybe you need to build some foundation condition prior to heavier … Exercise progression: Rehab and beyond. Paul on 25 July When you are first given specific rehab exercises to do they have to be appropriate for what your body can handle at the time. Too difficult an exercise could easily make things worse or get you into bad habits. Sometimes to undo bad habits we have … The 3 core areas Paul on 22 March Understanding the structure of your health, fitness and wellbeing is very important. It allows you to see the context of everything you do for it and it helps you see the links and find the gaps. There are three areas which form the foundation of it … Finding benefits in everyday activities Paul on 25 July Everyday activities are important to consider because by their very definition you do them often. The way you approach them can greatly affect your rehab or sports training. These tips will hopefully get you thinking of many more ways that everyday … Successful stretching Paul on 25 July Stretching is a big subject which can be very confusing. Here are some important points to consider in your approach to stretching which can help make your stretching more effective. Attributes of fitness Paul on 25 July Fitness is not a singular thing. It comprises of different attributes. The mix of these attributes is what you then think of as your fitness. Understanding this, and what these attributes are, can help you take your rehab, everyday fitness, or … The 'multiple gains' approach to rehab, fitness and elite performance Paul on 04 June Your best results do not come from a single activity, intervention or behaviour. The truth is far more complex and you can take advantage of it for better results at anything. Of course we can say things like "perseverance is the key to getting …


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