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Writing by Paul

Rehab exercise progression

How to avoid reaching an unnecessary plateau in your rehab by using progression in your therapeutic exercises.

Attributes of fitness

An introduction to the attributes of fitness and how you can use this knowledge to get more from your health, fitness and elite athletic performance.

The 'multiple gains' approach to rehab, fitness and elite performance

How to get optimal results by looking for many different ways that you could gain benefit and improvement.

Finding benefits in everyday activities

Everyday activities are not often done consciously but there are actually many ways they can be done consciously to help support your health and fitness.

Which health supplements do I use?

I'm often asked what I take in the form of health supplements to support my health and training. Here is the answer.

Your ability to recognise progress

Your ability to recognise progress can help support your improvement in any area of development.

Successful stretching

Tips to get more out of your stretching exercises.