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How I use the Xtend-Life supplements

This article is specifically about the Xtend-Life supplements I referred to in this article.

Like with exercise and healthy eating I consider long-term regularity important with a supplement system. It's clearly better to exercise regularly and no amount of over-doing it in short period will make-up for it - in fact it could make things worse. I use that analogy when it comes to supplements.

For me, regularity does not mean taking the full dose every day of the year - I tend to take a half dose of the supplements unless I am in a period in which full dose could be useful. I would prefer to take full dose if I am in a period of particularly high volume or intensity of training, or if I am travelling and my diet may not be so healthy and varied.

It should go without saying that these supplements are designed to supplement a well balanced and appropriate diet, and not to replace healthy and varied food.

Despite my advice of regularity I don't necessarily take all the supplements all the time. The Green Lipped Mussel I tend to take only through periods of heavy training, and in summer I'm less likely to be found with the Multi-Xtra but over winter it's good because of the Vitamin D. So even though I may not take vitamin D regularly as in daily, I do do take it regularly over winter. Also, the fish oil I sometimes vary between the basic one and the QH Ultra, again going with the fancier QH Ultra if I'm in a period of heavier training.

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