01323 439738

Appointment information

Fees are £40 for initial sessions and follow-ups. Short follow-ups are £20.

Standard sessions last half an hour, although allow 40 minutes for your initial appointment. Short sessions are offered for follow-up should this be appropriate for you - these are half the cost of a full session and are useful where frequency of treatment is more beneficial than a less regular longer duration of treatment.

Please consider clothing that you will be comfortable in and which allows you to be properly assessed. For example, shorts may be helpful when assessing a knee problem or full-body movement patterns.

For appointments please call 01323 439738

How to find the clinic

The clinic is at 38 Lushington Road, Eastbourne. BN21 4LL. Click for map and directions.

Make sure to find number 38 because there are a number of clinics on Lushington Road!

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to questions often asked about the clinic and appointments.