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My approach to fitness and sports training

My approach to fitness and sports training is to first and foremost look at what it is you want or need for your chosen sport or goal. Ideal fitness is different for different people. The fitness that a gymnast needs is very different to that which a runner needs. What I do when assessing and advising on fitness and performance is to compare what you currently have to what you require or what you could acheive, and then to address how you have been training.

At the foundation of my approach to fitness is health. It is very easy to do harm to your long-term health through mistakes in training and in my view this is something to be very aware of. Also fundamental in my approach is to consider all the different attributes of fitness and how you might need to address the balance and attention to these in your training.

My view on training itself is that it should have clear structure and primarily aim toward efficiency and effectiveness. This means that we are looking to get our target adaptations with the least training. This is important because you maximise recovery time and minimise the risk of burning out, overtraining and injury. This does NOT mean I do not approve of high volumes of training, in fact there are times when high volumes are essential, but even then, we are trying to minimise the training volume whilst still achieving our target outcomes.

I am always reminding people that recovery is where you get stronger, not during the session itself. This means that my approach to training and fitness is just as much focussed on recovery as it is on the training.