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About Paul

Paul specialises in sports physiotherapy and athletic training and conditioning. He qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2005 from Keele University.

Sports physio fits with Paul's passions for health, fitness, adventure and self potential. He has a passion for learning, growing and training and in 2017 he was ranked 28th in the UK (for age) for the Mile.

Favourite training experiences?

"I really love runs in the mountains with challenging climbs and beautiful scenery. I especially enjoy the Swiss Alps both in the hot summers and the adventure of snowshoeing in the winter where the scenery can be spectacular. In the summer of 2016 I discovered a hidden fitness-trail in the woods on the lower slopes of a mountain in the Alps which made for fabulous and uplifting training. They even had a set of gymnstics rings which I find particularly fun for strength and conditioning. I'm currently working on handstand on the rings but I can tell you it's not that easy so ask me again in a few months!"

Paul plays piano and guitar and enjoys close-up magic which he has performed from bars in the Rockies to functions in London.

Paul's approach to sports physiotherapy

Paul's approach to sports physio has grown as result of 12 years' experience practicing as a sports physiotherapist and many more years of training and competing in athletics. He considers aspects of problems often not otherwise addressed and always structures treatment and rehab around progression.


Paul's approach to fitness and sports training

Paul's approach to fitness and athletic performance is based on appreciating the role of all the different attributes of fitness and how they relate to your specific needs. Good training should be as efficient as possible, meaning that the most benefit should be gained with the least possible input. This doesn't mean little input - just reducing unnecessary input that can decrease recovery time and increase risk of fatigue, overtraining, or injury.